Unpopped Kernels: Thoroughbreds (2017) – Review

Debuting a new film is like having a horse in the stables, waiting for him to begin his race (but less barbaric then horse racing…Actually, maybe more so.)  New movies are like a mane event that takes a lot of care and attention to grow. There’s training, practise, and determination to get in the stirrups; ready for it to giddy-up across the big screen. As … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: Thoroughbreds (2017) – Review

Green Room – Review

There are movies out there that refuse to let go. As you appear from the shadowy room, the credit sequences rolling through the names and pounding out a feverish song, you peel yourself from the seat and shakily make your way down the stairs. Your wobbly legs threaten to topple you over as you gather your belongings and are shuffled out with an equally bemused … Continue reading Green Room – Review