Black Bear – Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review

by Leoni Horton t’s a rare treat when a film-maker takes creative initiative with narrative structure, for such previous experimentation has worked to redefine how audiences engage with film. Christopher Nolan made radical waves with Memento through reversing the typical linear structure of traditional cinema, and David Lynch redefined art-house with Mulholland Drive by playing with character roles, story-arch and ambiguity. Although subverting audience expectation … Continue reading Black Bear – Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn – Review

Jim Hosking, though only really creating two films, has one of the most unique voices in cinema. The filmmaker, who crafted the insanely brilliant movie The Greasy Strangler, has a brilliant and vivid imagination. The British director is daring to push the boundaries of dark comedy, digging under the skin in a squeamishly succulent way. His follow up to The Greasy Strangler is the wonderfully … Continue reading An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn – Review

You Must Watch… Parks and Recreation (Amazon Prime)

I’ve never been the biggest fan of The Office, both UK and US versions. It’s not that I hated it completely but I could never really get into it. Perhaps it was the characters or perhaps it was the set up. See I could never completely grasp the idea that a film crew, unseen, is following some lowly office workers around and they are interviewed after … Continue reading You Must Watch… Parks and Recreation (Amazon Prime)

Ingrid Goes West – Review

With the rise of technology,  there always comes inevitable detractors. Many people who believe that we’ve all become zombies, attached to our screens and our social media lives. There is some truth to it: As much as the internet connects us to anyone overseas, opens us up to worlds of knowledge, and allows us a secret respite from the real world – it has a … Continue reading Ingrid Goes West – Review

You Must Watch…Legion (FX)

We get it. You’re sick of superheroes. Guess what? We are too. Back in the day this was a niche genre, appearing every few years and dazzling us with their caped crusade. Nowadays, you cannot move before spandex clad genitals are thrust into your face. We’ve had so many that we’ve experienced each incarnation; from independent, gritty, and real characterisations to bonkers and bizarre depictions, … Continue reading You Must Watch…Legion (FX)

Legion – “Chapter 1” Review

If you want interesting superheroes, it is somewhat advisable to shun the big screen interpretations. The characters who appear on screen have to cram both plot and emotional development into a relatively scant two hours, as well as set up any future movies within the franchise. It’s a tough act to balance, and recently, some of the big name supers seem to have lost their … Continue reading Legion – “Chapter 1” Review