Bull – Review

by Sarah Cook Neil Maskell is a tremendous actor. From the haunting Kill List to the quirky Utopia, Maskell has gifted us with some bloody brilliant roles. The minute he appears on screen, you cannot keep your eyes off him. This is especially so in Paul Andrew William’s Bull as Maskell gives yet another tour-de-force performance The film’s premise is simple enough: A gang enforcer … Continue reading Bull – Review

She Will – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Sarah Cook It is objectively hilarious and enraging that people considered the #MeToo era ‘modern day witch trials.’ Holding men responsible for their crimes is hardly comparable to the slaughter of innocent people because people deemed them witches. Sexual assault and harassment accusations, which most of the men admitted too, leading to arrest or a ‘loss of career’ is hardly a mirror of the … Continue reading She Will – BFI London Film Festival Review

The French Dispatch – BFI London Film Festival

by Robbie Jones There are many aspects of Wes Anderson that viewers will make a point of noting, from his idiosyncratic worlds and visual symmetry to the kooky characters to that inhabit his worlds. There’s a lot to be said for his aesthetic, but one of his greatest talents is in his writing. As a storyteller, Anderson frequently excels at coming of age tales and … Continue reading The French Dispatch – BFI London Film Festival

7 Days – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Sarah Cook Art is and will always be, a reflection of our time, our history, and our imagination. So, it is natural that our art is going to be informed by the recent two years in the midst of a global pandemic. Since COVID struck, many have used COVID as a tool; whether it has helped craft their work like Rob Savage’s Host or … Continue reading 7 Days – BFI London Film Festival Review

Last Night in Soho – Review

by Robbie JonesAs one of Britain’s most indisputably popular filmmakers, Edgar Wright has reached a point in his career where his work has become an event. Fans and critics have come to anticipate Wright’s signature style with each new release and, whether or not the film is good, revel in the pleasure of having experienced yet another journey into his cinematic landscape. Wright has made … Continue reading Last Night in Soho – Review