Destroyer – Review

Nicole Kidman has had a long history of transforming in her roles. From her Academy Award winning performance in Hours saw her wear a crooked prosthetic nose to her scruffy look for The Paperboy, Look at her gaunt and sunken face in the brittle Destroyer, it looks as though Kidman goes to great lengths for this gritty thriller. Directed by Karyn Kusama, who also gave … Continue reading Destroyer – Review

Beautiful Boy – Review

There have been many movies made on addiction. Even A Star is Born focuses on  the debilitating disease. Stories like these need to be told because we need to understand the struggles of those suffering, the heartache of the families, and support ways we help people blighted Director Felix Van Groeningen, the open and honest story about addiction. Based on the memoirs of Nic and David … Continue reading Beautiful Boy – Review

The Raft – Review

Humans. We’re an interesting breed, aren’t we? We’re alarming happy then wickedly sad. We have huge bouts of rage and anger yet have huge amounts of compassion and kindness within us. We’re interesting, frustrating, and glorious all at once. And yet we cause such destruction. We hurt each other, murder each other, and go to war for no reason at all. What causes us to … Continue reading The Raft – Review

Stan & Ollie – Review

Laurel and Hardy are history’s greatest double act. Their influence in comedy has bounced down through generations. People know their sketches. They quote the jokes. Children now are even shown their movies. Laurel and Hardy’s impact is one for the history books. But their later years have yet to be explored. Now we’re treated to the glorious Stan & Ollie! Directed by Jon S. Baird … Continue reading Stan & Ollie – Review

Nancy – Review

Andrea Riseborough is one of our most gifted actresses. The British star has made a name for herself in movies such as Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance,) Welcome to the Punch, and television series National Treasure. With big haunting eyes and the ability to transform like a shape-shifter into her characters, Riseborough is an amazing performer. Her gifted talent has spectacularly captured us … Continue reading Nancy – Review

Lizzie – Review

Lizzie Borden is one of those names that has lived in infamy. When her stepmother and father were brutally killed by an axe, eyes fell on Borden. Despite being cleared by the police, she is widely considered the murderer and has since garnered notoriety – a legendary status even. Now her story is being explored in drama film, aptly named, Lizzie. Directed by Craig William … Continue reading Lizzie – Review