10 Amazing On-Screen Female Friendships

Female friendships are powerful and magical. For many women, friendships are pivotal to who we are. They make us stronger, better, and make us care more. These are relationships that last lifetimes and some women stay as friends from childhood and beyond. Cinema have portrayed these relationships since it’s conception. To celebrate the release of Sarah Gavron’s Rocks, the warming and triumphant portrayal of British … Continue reading 10 Amazing On-Screen Female Friendships

Booksmart – Review

Occasionally there is a film that not only meets the hype surrounding it but surpasses it gleefully. Booksmart is one of those movies that has been receiving positive criticism all-around and it deserves every single iota of praise it is getting. Directed by Olivia Wilde, the film revolves around Amy and Molly, two over-achieving best friends who have been ousted to the outskirts of their … Continue reading Booksmart – Review