Anna and the Apocalypse – Review

Given that the United Kingdom has produced some of the most enduring popular music of the 20th Century, it is surprising that it hasn’t produced more enduring, original musicals. On the stage, Andrew Lloyd Webber and his collaborators have crowded out the market for over 40 years, taking inspiration from pre-existing texts, some of which were not written by Brits – The Phantom of the … Continue reading Anna and the Apocalypse – Review

The Last Tree – Sundance Film Festival London Review

Writer-director Shola Amoo’s debut feature, A Moving Image, about the gentrification of Brixton, a neighbourhood of South West London predominantly occupied by Afro-Caribbean residents from the 1940s to the early 2010s, was a didactic and at times tedious work that straddled drama and documentary. It does not prepare you for his exceptional second feature, The Last Tree, in which Amoo redefines what we think of … Continue reading The Last Tree – Sundance Film Festival London Review

Strangeways, Here We Come – Review

Anyone waiting for the next British Shallow Grave won’t find it in the Salford-set ensemble comedy, Strangeways Here We Come, an enthusiastically performed but distasteful caper in which a group of none-too-likeable estate residents band together to rid themselves of an oppressive loan shark (Stephen Lord). It is the sort of film that mixes together Mormon bashing, postman trashing, vomiting, happy pills, community gardens and … Continue reading Strangeways, Here We Come – Review

The Escape – Film Review

Over the course of two decades of film and television work, writer-director Dominic Savage has perfected a form of improvised cinema. It begins with an idea in which the actors work with the director in exploring the options. Savage’s collaboration with Gemma Arterton, who has three careers in Hollywood (Clash of the Titans, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters), Britain (Quantum of Solace, Made in Dagenham, … Continue reading The Escape – Film Review