Don’t be a Pratt: 3 Ways to Fix Passengers

When Passengers hit cinemas last year, it immediately generated a lot of controversy; I didn’t get a chance to catch it at the time, but people were very unhappy with the direction the film took, especially with regards to how it was advertised. I only recently got the chance to watch this film via Blu-Ray rental, and I was completely dumbfounded by what I saw. … Continue reading Don’t be a Pratt: 3 Ways to Fix Passengers

Passengers – Review

If you could throw it all away and start again, would you? Could you leave behind your friends, family, job and life, all to start again somewhere billions of miles away? That is what Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are doing in their latest film, Passengers, before things start to go wrong and they find themselves alone on a ship that is slowly breaking apart. … Continue reading Passengers – Review

Passengers – “Gravity Loss” Clip!

I’m not sure why I agreed to review the latest clip from Passengers. After watching the initial trailer and getting excited for the Sci-Fi thriller, I realised that a lot of what was shown seemed to give away the entire plot of the film. As a matter of fact, this seemingly growing trend is the reason why I’m reluctant to watch most trailers, just in … Continue reading Passengers – “Gravity Loss” Clip!

Passengers – First Official Trailer!

If you take two of cinema’s hottest properties at the moment and throw them together in an original looking science fiction story, you’re bound to get something spectacular. This is most certainly the case when it comes to the first official trailer for Passengers! Starring Chris “Star Lord” Pratt and Jennifer “Mockingjay” Lawrence, as two passengers (I see what they did there) on a spaceship … Continue reading Passengers – First Official Trailer!

The Magnificent Seven – Brand New Trailer!

I read a really good theory online that Chris Pratt plays the same character but he’s caught in a time loop. So from space to the future of dinosaur parks, Pratt has been whipping out jokes, gun-slinging evil dudes, and looking smouldering. Oh he nails it, but it would be nice for him to do something new. That’s not the case for The Magnificent Seven … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven – Brand New Trailer!

The Magnificent Seven – Brand New Trailer!

There are many remakes. Many. Too many.  There is an abundance of them that are making our cinematic lives miserable. We don’t need remakes: We need original ideas. It’s we this idea that the latest from The Magnificent Seventruly exhausts. The Magnificent Seven revolves around the sleepy town of Rose Creek who is put under deadly control by Bartholomew Bogue. When the desperate towns people … Continue reading The Magnificent Seven – Brand New Trailer!