Unpopped Kernels: Colossal (2017)

When it comes to movie-dom, at the moment, there is an abundance of criticisms that go along the lines of this: “There is nothing original, it’s all adaptions and remakes, this is all terrible. ROAR COMPLAINING.” Yeah, sure, jeez – we get it. All you see are these blockbuster films of books, comics, and remakes and you roll your eyes, thinking that gives you a … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: Colossal (2017)

The Best of…Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens. More like Damn Stevens, amIright? OK. I promise I won’t spend the entires piece objectifying Dan Stevens but we’ve all been caught in the spell of his blue eyes and dashing blue looks, so I’m sure it is understandable. Anyway, the actor has had an interesting career, rising to become one of the most watchable performers on the big and little screen. Stevens … Continue reading The Best of…Dan Stevens