First Man – Review

The opening of First Man is shaky – very, very shaky. It is 1961. Test pilot Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) is in flight, as close to the stratosphere as he can get. His plane’s instruments are vibrating. It’s not just Neil’s job to guide the plane down – it is necessary for his survival. However, he isn’t gripped by a sense of panic; it is … Continue reading First Man – Review

La La Land – Brand New Trailer!

We’ve had a lot of movies come our way. So many that it seems dizzying, our minds trying desperately to catch up with an industry churning our blockbusters and independent films as though tomorrow was going to unravel the reels… Yet 2016 is far from other – its wings have still yet to soar with the best, usually saved for festival season this autumn. And … Continue reading La La Land – Brand New Trailer!