I’m Your Man – Berlinale 2021 Review

by Jordan King  “Are human beings really intended to have all of our needs met at the push of a button?” This is the question academic Alma (Maren Eggert) asks herself towards the climax of Maria Schrader’s I’m Your Man, a quirky, philosophic drama/anti-romantic comedy/low-key sci-fi film that foists upon its protagonist algorithmically engineered perfection before proceeding to poke holes in the folly of the … Continue reading I’m Your Man – Berlinale 2021 Review

The Best of…Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens. More like Damn Stevens, amIright? OK. I promise I won’t spend the entires piece objectifying Dan Stevens but we’ve all been caught in the spell of his blue eyes and dashing blue looks, so I’m sure it is understandable. Anyway, the actor has had an interesting career, rising to become one of the most watchable performers on the big and little screen. Stevens … Continue reading The Best of…Dan Stevens

The Man Who Invented Christmas – Review

A Christmas Carol is the ultimate festive story. Created by Charles Dickens in the 1843, it has been told, adapted, remodelled and redone so much that every child is literally born spouting Bah Humbug before encountering several ghosts. The tale of Scrooge and his curmudgeon attitude when it comes to the blessed day has had re-imaginings that have either excelled or failed, the best being … Continue reading The Man Who Invented Christmas – Review

You Must Watch…Legion (FX)

We get it. You’re sick of superheroes. Guess what? We are too. Back in the day this was a niche genre, appearing every few years and dazzling us with their caped crusade. Nowadays, you cannot move before spandex clad genitals are thrust into your face. We’ve had so many that we’ve experienced each incarnation; from independent, gritty, and real characterisations to bonkers and bizarre depictions, … Continue reading You Must Watch…Legion (FX)

Legion – “Chapter 1” Review

If you want interesting superheroes, it is somewhat advisable to shun the big screen interpretations. The characters who appear on screen have to cram both plot and emotional development into a relatively scant two hours, as well as set up any future movies within the franchise. It’s a tough act to balance, and recently, some of the big name supers seem to have lost their … Continue reading Legion – “Chapter 1” Review