10 Great Alternative Musicals!

Musicals. Who doesn’t love a good musical? All those show tunes and glittering love stories. Bright eyed dreamers who belt out number after number because they want something more from the world. From My Fair Lady to Mary Poppins, we’ve been over saturated with show tunes and sickly romance, so much so that we groan every time they appear on screen.We’ve gathered some lesser known … Continue reading 10 Great Alternative Musicals!

5 Musicals With Devastating Endings

Ahhh musicals. They are supposed to be incredible feats of imagination where the cast randomly burst into pleasure filled songs. Gut-wrenching ballads and toe-tapping numbers automatically life the spirits of those watching. As you jovially master the words and are lifted by the crescendos, you’ll be awash high excitement, glee and all round loveliness. That is, until you watch these movies where your trust in … Continue reading 5 Musicals With Devastating Endings

6 Amazing Cinema Scenes

Who doesn’t love going to the cinema? Immersing yourself into the darkness, surrounded by strangers in (hopefully,) comfy seats as your favourite actors tell stories on screens bigger than your humdrum television. There are few times where your concentration is completely centred on the escape into the world of films and the cinema is one of them as you have complete (and hopeful) silence (and … Continue reading 6 Amazing Cinema Scenes