The House That Jack Built – Review

Provocateur or irritant? Artist or idiot? Lars Von Trier divides audiences like his adopted ‘Von’ separates his first and last name. He is the writer-director who gave us Dogme 95 and a four hour film entitled Nymphomaniac – what’s to love? Not much. He doesn’t travel by air but instead lures talent such as Nicole Kidman and Bjork to Scandinavia to participate in his cinema … Continue reading The House That Jack Built – Review

The Guilty – Review

No self-respecting film reviewer should say too much about the police thriller, The Guilty. How then can I encourage you to see it? I can point to the compelling central performance by Jakob Cedergren as Asger Holm, a Copenhagen police officer restricted to desk duty following the fatal shooting of a suspect. Cedergren is on screen throughout – literally – and he commands your attention … Continue reading The Guilty – Review