Deadpool 2 – Review

Michael Haneke has a lot to answer for. That young psychopath who looked at the camera in Funny Games before committing more brutality, he has led us inexorably to the glib fest that is Deadpool 2. This alternative to the Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe, or ‘Walternate’ to quote from the TV show Fringe, is foul mouthed and knowing to boot – Snarknado would be a … Continue reading Deadpool 2 – Review

7 Great Fourth Wall Breaking Moments in Film

Imagine collating all your favourite characters into a little cinematic tableau that you could apply your voyeurism and watch them go about their lives. In no way are they aware that you are watching them, it’s all secret. And then some crazy renegade character decides to show their self-awareness, turning ever so slightly for a moment to address the audience watching. Ok. This is my … Continue reading 7 Great Fourth Wall Breaking Moments in Film

External link to Deadpool 2 – Brand New Teaser!

Deadpool 2 – Brand New Teaser!

Have you ever wondered how many “leaked” snippets of films are actually leaked and how many are just claimed to be leaks to help build word of mouth and let people think that they’re being given an illicit peek at an upcoming film? I do. This, alongside Deadpool’s love of meta-humour suggests that this particular leak is less an accident or one person out to … Continue reading Deadpool 2 – Brand New Teaser!