Death Note – Review

There’s always that one kid in school who is just a little different, they have a head on their shoulders; separating themselves from football playing hooligans who don’t care about their education. At face value, our leading man, Light doesn’t seem anything other than that until he his chosen for a task that has the potential to change the world as he knows it. When … Continue reading Death Note – Review

You Must Watch…Death Note (Netflix)

Today horror director Adam Wingard has released his own adaptation of Death Note on Netflix.  Starring Nat Woolf and Keith Stanfield, the film revolves around an illusive and ominous notepad that, if you write the name of someone in it, they’ll die. Eep. This all veers off into a plan to kill all the criminals ever but, obviously, the mass deaths soon spark interest from … Continue reading You Must Watch…Death Note (Netflix)