The Green Knight – Review

by Tom Beasley “I see things everywhere that bear no logic,” says Joel Edgerton’s unnamed Lord, as if speaking for the audience. We’re around an hour and half into The Green Knight and the film is preparing for its final unravelling – a breakneck journey into a world in which palpable, earthy grit butts heads with bouts of fantastical, medieval surrealism. This is David Lowery’s … Continue reading The Green Knight – Review

Hotel Mumbai – Review

Thrillers based on real-life horror are difficult to judge. There is always going to be that air of exploitation when it comes to depicting these tragic and very real events. It is never going to settle right – seeing people on screen who represent countless amounts of people who died at the hand of terrorism. Still, if it happened, then someone is bound to put … Continue reading Hotel Mumbai – Review

Lion – Brand New Trailer!

Who’s the most successful Skins actor? Is it Nicolaus Hoult who’d become an X-Men? Perhaps Kaya Scodelario who  runs mazes on the big screen? Is it BAFTA winning Jack O’Connell and our absolutely favourite? Or maybe it’s Oscar nominated Dev Patel? Who would you pick? Patel is now starring alongside Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara for drama Lion. The film revolves around the true story … Continue reading Lion – Brand New Trailer!

BFI announce Lion as American Express Gala Film

BFI London Film Festival is one of my favourite times of the year. Even if I only get to watch one major film, I’ll be trembling out of excitement for it.  Film festivals are always so wonderful, diverse, and richly celebrated that it’s hard not to fall in love with the hustle and bustle of film obsessives pouring into these spectacular festivals. However, between Toronto … Continue reading BFI announce Lion as American Express Gala Film