Moana – Brand New Trailer!

As I write this, there is torrential rain pouring down the outside of my window and the sky is a forbidding shade of grey. All in all, I consider myself very fortunate that there are plenty of bright, colourful trailers to chase away my blues, such as the latest offering from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Moana. The trailer is everything the weather here isn’t, full … Continue reading Moana – Brand New Trailer!

Zootropolis – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Disney are certainly on a high this year. The relentless dream-makers who have been making our childhoods complete have soared with endless hits this year following from the Christmas phenomenon that was Star Wars. Between the return of a galaxy far, far away to the impending Finding Dory movie, no studio has had the great success that Disney have had this year (with the exception … Continue reading Zootropolis – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Moana – International Trailer!

There are a lot of princess movies in Disney’s repertoire. Spanning across the globe, there have been stunning depictions of women were sent of a mystical journey! Now we get a brand new one with Moana!  Moana revolves around the titular young girl who is set on a perilous journey when she meets demi-God Maui. This international trailer sees a baby version of Moana playing … Continue reading Moana – International Trailer!

Pete’s Dragon – Brand New Clips!

There must be a special rung of hell for people who pillage from their own back catalogue. Disney seems to be romping around their own vault going “oooohhh that looks good” and treating the world to a second helping. Only this time there’s like CGI and actual actors. It’s all getting a bit boring. So we’re bracing ourselves for Pete’s Dragon. The film revolves around … Continue reading Pete’s Dragon – Brand New Clips!

Finding Dory – Brand New Clip!

Pixar definitely is one of the best cinematic studios who have given us so much because they adore telling stories. This year is no different, with the incredible Inside Out hitting us right in the feels and the roaring spectacle of The Good Dinosaur stomping back into our worlds. Although, there has been fair few sequels recently, their originality is back and making us all … Continue reading Finding Dory – Brand New Clip!