The Escape – Film Review

Over the course of two decades of film and television work, writer-director Dominic Savage has perfected a form of improvised cinema. It begins with an idea in which the actors work with the director in exploring the options. Savage’s collaboration with Gemma Arterton, who has three careers in Hollywood (Clash of the Titans, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters), Britain (Quantum of Solace, Made in Dagenham, … Continue reading The Escape – Film Review

You Must Watch…Preacher (Amazon Prime)

Let’s be honest, the superhero genre is beginning to get a bit stale. Sure, we get the occasional mould breaker such as Thor: Ragnarok, but ultimately, there’s very little deviation from the formula of bombastic action sequences and world-ending schemes. That being said, there are plenty of other comic books out there which are begging to be adapted onto the screen, big or small. One … Continue reading You Must Watch…Preacher (Amazon Prime)

Preacher – Season Two Trailer!

Brace yourselves folks, one of the greatest TV series to grace our screens last year has released its first trailer for the brand new season! I am talking about Preacher. The show which has a disaffected holy man suddenly blessed with the power to make anyone do as he tells them. He also hangs around with his ex-girlfriend who can create rocket launchers out of … Continue reading Preacher – Season Two Trailer!

Preacher – Series Overview

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is no greater time for comic books than now. A tad hyperbolic, maybe, but there is so much potential for any and all series to expand to other mediums and gain an entirely new audience, be it superheroes saving the world from alien invasions to a ragtag bunch of misfits struggling to survive against a … Continue reading Preacher – Series Overview

Stratton – Brand New Trailer!

Now that the summer is here, it’s time to turn our attentions to the onslaught of action blockbusters that are crawling out of the woodwork, from Star Trek to Suicide Squad, we’re surrounded by explosions and slow-motion fights to entertain us through the long, dark school holiday. It’s also a time for trailers for new action films to rear their heads, as is the case … Continue reading Stratton – Brand New Trailer!

We Talk Movies On Podcasts: Episode 1

When Marnie Was There with these Nice Guys, a Preacher and their Boss! Greetings wanderer of the audio wasteland, you look weary. Why not sit awhile, put your feet up and indulge yourself in our first foray into the world of podcasts! Indeed, we here at We Make Movies on Weekends decided that it wasn’t enough to just make films and write about them, no! … Continue reading We Talk Movies On Podcasts: Episode 1