The Little Stranger- Review

With the current trend of horror movies relying on violence and gore, an old-fashioned Gothic tale always feels welcome. Going back to an interesting narrative with subtle techniques to cause panic in its audience. The Little Stranger is a film that looked to have all the makings of a fresh attempt at the genre. Sadly, despite an impressive cast led by Domhnall Gleeson and Ruth … Continue reading The Little Stranger- Review

Looking Back…Frank (2014)

Have we come to a period in the film industry where it no longer takes time for cult movies to be fleshed out in all their brilliance? After all, there are plenty of dire films released because the market for “so bad, it’s good” has toppled into the mainstream somewhat instead of gaining infamy for their honest endearing mistakes. So can a movie become a … Continue reading Looking Back…Frank (2014)

The Revenant – DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Memes are a bit of harmless fun that can provide a good laugh here and there. For a while, they’re hilarious. After a while, they get tiresome, and then there are some that just get done to death to the point where they’re irritating as hell. Case in point: Leonardo Dicaprio’s lack of an Oscar. If you tried mentioning the guy on the internet, someone … Continue reading The Revenant – DVD and Blu-Ray Review