Loveless – Review

How can a mother stop loving her child? Let’s imagine. The child is born, a miracle: fingers, toes, senses – all. Green poop? Let’s forget about the first excretion. The babe takes milk – ouch, steady. The crying, the nappy changes, the feeding – can someone please help? The father dotes but has to go to work. The child’s grandmother is severe in disapproval. She … Continue reading Loveless – Review

East End Film Festival: Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts – Review

It is probably best not to tell you too much about Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts, the third feature from Indonesian director Mouly Surya. It tells the story of a widow farmer, Marlina (Marsha Timothy) who is visited one day by an old man on a motorcycle, Markus (Egi Fedly), who tells her that he and his six buddies are going to steal all … Continue reading East End Film Festival: Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts – Review

Wonder – Review

We’ve seen this movie before: a disfigured child struggles to find acceptance but bonds with [complete the blank]. From Mask, the 1985 film starring Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis, a child brought up with a skull deformity raised by his biker mom (Cher) to Penelope (2006), in which Christina Ricci (The Addams Family) played a young woman with the nose of a pig, the genre … Continue reading Wonder – Review

Darkest Hour – Review

Darkest Hour, a drama about the change in Prime Minister in Britain in May 1940 as Europe falls to advancing Nazi troops, is a triumphant return to filmmaking by British director Joe Wright. It has flaws (and I’ll get to those) but those are more than outweighed by its virtues: excellent performances, a gripping narrative and a screenplay awash with contemporary references. Beaten to the … Continue reading Darkest Hour – Review

The Book of Henry – Review

The Book of Henry is a film about legacy. If you can’t fulfil your potential yourself for reasons outside of your control, then how do you achieve your desired outcome? It is a film that breaks at least two rules of conventional Hollywood storytelling in a brave and, according to this reviewer, foolhardy way. You might not enjoy it. It might not be in multiplexes … Continue reading The Book of Henry – Review