Get Duked – Review

Can teenage delinquency be cured by swift exposure to the outdoors? This question is tentatively explored in Get Duked, an energetic and mostly successful black comedy set in the Scottish Highlands. You’ll laugh, you’ll sink a tinnie. Written and directed by Ninian Doff, who ‘doffs’ (as it were) his designer baseball cap to Edgar Wright and Chris Morris in his feature debut, it follows three … Continue reading Get Duked – Review

Postcards from the 48% –Edinburgh Film Festival Review

On 23 June 2018, the second anniversary of the British vote to leave the European Union, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London to demand a second referendum to decide whether the public should accept the final deal. 400 miles away, the Edinburgh International Film Festival hosted the world premiere of David Wilkinson’s ‘talking heads’ documentary Postcards from the 48% in … Continue reading Postcards from the 48% –Edinburgh Film Festival Review