Is Missy Really The Master? – A Doctor Who Theory

There are three facts we know about The Master; He is the mortal enemy of The Doctor; He is also The Doctor’s oldest friend; He is currently a She after regenerating into Missy sometime off-screen. But what if Missy is not The Master at all? What if The Master truly died at The End of Time and Missy is another character entirely? What if Missy … Continue reading Is Missy Really The Master? – A Doctor Who Theory

You Must Watch…The Wire

Boredom is a terrible feeling to experience. The seconds become hours, the minutes, millennia. It almost feels like there’s no escape from these doldrums. Fortunately, We Make Movies on Weekends has come up with a way to banish those blues before they can take root in your psyche. Prepare yourself for your latest… Weekend Binge! There are many shows out there that are currently vying … Continue reading You Must Watch…The Wire

Horror Films Rediscovered on the BFI Player

by Michael Blyth In 2010 the BFI published their Most Wanted list, a tantalising countdown of 75 British films classified as ‘missing, believed lost’. Of all these forgotten gems (which ranged from silent Hitchcock to ’60s pop), nothing excited horror fans more than the inclusion of José Ramón Larraz’s 1974 little-seen cult classic, Symptoms. Selected for the 1974 Cannes Film Festival before promptly falling into cinematic … Continue reading Horror Films Rediscovered on the BFI Player