Living – BFI London Film Festival 2022 Review

by Sarah Cook Bill Nighy is one of the UK’s most versatile actors. Whether he plays an ageing rockstar in Love Actually, a disgruntled editor in Page 8, or a Scottish squid villain in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, to a Victorian Detective in The Limehouse Golem, Bill Nighy is brilliant in everything he does and beloved by many. Now Nighy has produced his, … Continue reading Living – BFI London Film Festival 2022 Review

The Surrogate – Review

by Robbie Jones Jeremy Hersh’s directorial debut centres on Jessica (Jasmine Batchelor), a graphic designer for a non-profit organisation who is unhappy with her position in life. Things are turned around suddenly when her best friends Josh (Chris Perfetti) and Aaron (Sullivan Jones) ask her to be the surrogate for their child. All is going well until the 13 week mark, where the trio learn … Continue reading The Surrogate – Review

Savage – Review

With a title like Savage, certain connotations emerge. Sam Kelly’s feature debut, inspired by true events, brings us a brutal portrayal of gang culture in New Zealand dripping with animalistic prowess and grit – think Sons of Anarchy minus the bikes and Charlie Hunnam (sadly). It’s hard not to think of power and violence in the same thought when it’s so ingrained into our societies; … Continue reading Savage – Review

Wonder – Review

We’ve seen this movie before: a disfigured child struggles to find acceptance but bonds with [complete the blank]. From Mask, the 1985 film starring Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis, a child brought up with a skull deformity raised by his biker mom (Cher) to Penelope (2006), in which Christina Ricci (The Addams Family) played a young woman with the nose of a pig, the genre … Continue reading Wonder – Review

The Work – Review

We are constantly being told to keep our emotions at bay, with insipid phrases quipping at us, we are conditioned to believe that feelings are the enemy. If you cry, you are weak. If you admit that you’re unhappy, you’re attention seeking. If you do anything remotely “sensitive,” you are condemned. This ideology is wrong: There is no harm in talking about how you are … Continue reading The Work – Review

Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock – Review

On paper it seems like a dull documentary. A rock photography and his life, told through his pictures and himself. It’s hard to really replicate the energy or electric from yesteryear. Especially for two hours on the documentary . Yet Shot! the Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock is a powerful and superb film that grabs you for every second. For a man literally named Mick Rock, … Continue reading Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock – Review