Unpopped Kernel: Good Time (2017)

Robert Pattinson is a character actor who has gifted us with some stellar performances. In fact, he’s given us enough good stuff that we should really stop bringing up the “franchise that shall not be named,” whenever his name appears in a film. That’s because what you should feel when seeing Pattinson drenched all over the marketing and promotional material is excitement. That’s because you … Continue reading Unpopped Kernel: Good Time (2017)

Good Time – Review

by Ren Zelen Good Time was not an ideal film to watch early in the morning. It required a generous amount of strong tea accompanied by a large Danish pasty in order to maintain sufficient mental equilibrium throughout its relentless pacing and pulsating techno-synth soundtrack. I’d had neither. My mental equilibrium was about to be shot to hell. Despite these personal deficiencies, I soldiered on … Continue reading Good Time – Review