Green Room – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Blue Ruin, released in 2013, was a taut, unexpected indie thriller which marked both director Jeremy Saulnier and star Macon Blair as talents to keep an eye on. For their next project the pair have joined forces once again, this time bringing with them a talented ensemble cast, to make Green Room, a brutal but engaging horror film which confirms that their previous sleeper hit … Continue reading Green Room – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Green Room – Review

There are movies out there that refuse to let go. As you appear from the shadowy room, the credit sequences rolling through the names and pounding out a feverish song, you peel yourself from the seat and shakily make your way down the stairs. Your wobbly legs threaten to topple you over as you gather your belongings and are shuffled out with an equally bemused … Continue reading Green Room – Review

Escape The Green Room – Brand New Game!

Green Room is certainly May’s must-see gory thriller and literally one you must witness on the big screen. Starring Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, and Callum Turner, Green Room revolves around a punk bands named The Ain’t Rights who stop for a gig in Oregon only to find out that it’s filled with racist skinheads. After seeing a murder, they are locked in their … Continue reading Escape The Green Room – Brand New Game!