Happiest Season – Review

It’s Christmas time which means only one thing – cheesy romantic comedies and festive fun! Exciting. However, for many, many years mainstream releases have been deprived of LGBT festive stories. Luckily for us, Clea Duvall is here to save the day with a lovingly lesbian movie Happiest Season. Starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davies, Happiest Season revolves around the blissful couple Abby and Harper. On … Continue reading Happiest Season – Review

Happiest Season – Brand New Trailer!

Kristen Stewart and MacKenzie Davies play a lesbian couple at Christmas time. Oh, do you want more to entice you? OK. Dan Levy plays the Stewart’s best friend. Oh do you want MORE? It is directed by Clea DuVall. More? IT ALSO HAS AUBREY PLAZA! Ok so important stuff. The film arrives on streaming in time for Christmas and it looks great. It revolves around … Continue reading Happiest Season – Brand New Trailer!