Malignant – Review

by Sarah Cook When it comes to the great films of 2021, there is a multitude of factors to consider. A stunning lead performance could propel a film into perfection such as Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog. An emotional story with a lot of heart could capture your soul like Mike Mills’ C’mon C’mon. Perhaps the outrageous body horror Titane from Julia … Continue reading Malignant – Review

Revenge – Review

If your boyfriend invites you to a remote villa in the middle of the desert, don’t go. That’s the moral of Revenge, a French language blood-soaked rape revenge thriller from writer-director Coralie Fargeat. Jen (Matilda Lutz) thinks she is spending some quality bikini time with her married lover, Richard (Kevin Janssens), who has invited two other guys to go hunting with him. There is a … Continue reading Revenge – Review

The Horror Twist: Why Ghost Ship Had One Of The Most Inventive Scenes in Modern Horrors

Yes there are spoilers. Massive ones. Walk away before it’s too late, save yourself. It’s safe to say that some guilty pleasure movies need constant talking about. They need their fans to climb to the highest level of buildings and proclaim their love, the awfulness and the good stuff. They need cheerleaders chanting about how bloody brilliant it is while elbowing out of the way … Continue reading The Horror Twist: Why Ghost Ship Had One Of The Most Inventive Scenes in Modern Horrors

The Rogue Table – Short Film

The Rogue Table follows John, a lazy “young professional” who couldn’t care less about life really. He works to eat, he works to drink and he works to party. Disregarding the feelings of his furniture has never been a massive deal for him but it has for his table. And now the table has got feelings…of revenge! Starring Vedi Roy Directed by Sarah Cook Written … Continue reading The Rogue Table – Short Film

Double Date – Brand New Trailer!

One of the most horrible aspects of being single is the dating scene. In order to find that perfect match you have to suffer through the imperfect ones, those who are too apathetic, don’t like the same things as you do, or think it’s cute to send you pictures of their pets dressed up in strange outfits. Then you have the worst of all, the … Continue reading Double Date – Brand New Trailer!