The Mountain Between Us – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Mountains are a great metaphor in movies. They symbolise a seemingly insurmountable challenge that the protagonist must slowly traverse in order to reach the peak (their ultimate goal.) When the plot of the film in question strands its two leads on an actual mountain, then you know there is going to be a lot of sequences showing the characters overcoming diversity. This is the case … Continue reading The Mountain Between Us – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

You Must Watch…The Wire

Boredom is a terrible feeling to experience. The seconds become hours, the minutes, millennia. It almost feels like there’s no escape from these doldrums. Fortunately, We Make Movies on Weekends has come up with a way to banish those blues before they can take root in your psyche. Prepare yourself for your latest… Weekend Binge! There are many shows out there that are currently vying … Continue reading You Must Watch…The Wire

Star Trek Beyond – “Krall” Featurette

We all love Idris Elba. We all do. You cannot deny this. The suave, sexy, and utterly talented actor (soon to be director) tickles many different parts we didn’t know we had. Star Trek Beyond sees director Justin Lin take the director’s chair as Kirk and his crew face their biggest challenge yet. As they explore unchartered space, they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts … Continue reading Star Trek Beyond – “Krall” Featurette