In Bruges – Review

Martin McDonagh has had a history of dark hits on stage and on screen. His most famous work is undeniably Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – winning him a whole multitude of awards including a BAFTA for Best Picture and an Oscar too. Before his tremendous wins, McDonagh has been thrilling us with engaging stories and sickly black comedy on stage. The playwright’s first dalliance … Continue reading In Bruges – Review

Colin Farrell – 4 Great Performances… & 1 Naff One

Right, let’s be real here: You saw Colin Farrell’s one naff performance and snorted going “oh yeah but which one?” Because he has had some really shaky choices that were not indicative of who he is as a performer. In fact, I totally think that Farrell would do the same. But nowadays, the Irish actor has pulled himself up by the britches and now is … Continue reading Colin Farrell – 4 Great Performances… & 1 Naff One