C’mon C’mon – Review

by Chris Connor Mike Mills has built a stellar reputation over the past twenty years with his 2010 and 2016 films Beginners and 20th Century Women earning stellar reviews and tackling some hefty themes. Mills returns with his first effort in five years with C’mon C’mon which has earned very positive early reviews and been marked as an outside contender for awards season. C’mon C’mon … Continue reading C’mon C’mon – Review

Joker – Review

First off, whether you think clowns are scary or not, clowns are undoubtedly a little bit creepy. A bizarre tradition for entertaining children passed down through the ages that can go from cute and fluffy to insanely petrifying in a beat; albeit the scary part here is more real than you will ever see in any Stephen King adaptation. It’s not on the exterior, it’s … Continue reading Joker – Review

Marriage Story – Review

This review contains some spoilers for Marriage Story. The opening of Marriage Story is effective. Though it may seem like the start of a quirky romance story such as (500) Days of Summer or The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s a collection of loveable traits of Nicole and Charlie, as told by the other. From always crying at movies to being a sore … Continue reading Marriage Story – Review

You Were Never Really Here – Review

A bedraggled Joaquin Phoenix stands upon a train platform, shaded by the roof above him. The tracks stand lofty in the middle of New York City, traffic mills below him. Silent, stoic, stocky, Phoenix’s Joe steps out into blistering rays that illuminate his face. In the distance, a train judders towards the station. Contemplating whether to take that step, a fall into the sun-soaked suicide … Continue reading You Were Never Really Here – Review