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Pacific Rim: Uprising – Brand New Trailer!

We all love Guillermo Del Toro; he’s without a doubt one of the most interesting and enticing directors working today, and there were so many who fell in love with his 2013 hit monster movie Pacific Rim. Now, we’re finally returning to that world, but without Del Toro at the helm. What can a sequel without his involvement have to offer?

No Del Toro, no Hunnam, and no Perlman, but a hearty dose of John Boyega – which we all need – and many other great stars who are ready for action. Let’s just hope this sequel doesn’t lose anything in the transition of director, especially with it being Steven S. DeKnight’s film debut, though his work on TV is exceptional. All we can is hope for the best.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is out 18th May 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising – Brand New Teaser!

The original Pacific Rim got a split response. For some people, they thought it was cheesy and predictable. On the other, it’s an intricate and brilliant and mindblowingly awesome. We’re on the latter side so we’re excited for the second film.

Pacific Film Uprising sees the return of Jaeger’s as the world is threatened once more!

Co-roduced by John Boyega (with UpperRoom Productions) and starring the Star Wars lead himself, Uprising looks to be an amazing incredible sequel that will continue the wonderful franchise.

What do you think?

Pacific Rim Uprising is out later this year!