A Quiet Place Part II – Review

Do you remember being sat in a cinema a few years ago absolutely petrified to make a sound? Watching every cough and shuffle as it now echoed across the silent room? Holding each breath in absolute agonising tension? Placing kernels of popcorn in your mouth, quickly remembering how loud crunching is, then letting it softly melt into a mush upon your tongue? Do you remember … Continue reading A Quiet Place Part II – Review

The Hollars – Brand New Trailer!

We’ve spoken a lot about actors turning to directing. There has been a long history of it but with varying success. The Office US alum John Krasinski is added to that list with his upcoming comedy drama The Hollars. The film revolves around a man who has to head back to his home town after his mother is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. There he … Continue reading The Hollars – Brand New Trailer!