House of Gucci – Review

by Sarah Cook House of Gucci released one of the best trailers of the year. Set to a thumping eighties soundtrack, and boasting outrageous accents and iconic lines, it teased a triumphant, camp, and outrageous journey. The film itself is much more of a slog; failing to capture the highs of its marketing campaign and languishing in a stuffy drama that is quite dull in … Continue reading House of Gucci – Review

A Star is Born – Review

The story of a waning pop or rock-star crippled by mental health issue is a tale that have been told many, many times. In fact, A Star is Born, the debut feature by Bradley Cooper, has had three remakes since the first 1937. Whilst the original focused on actors, its subsequent sequels have been re-told with musicians. We’re obsessed with scrappy under-dogs raising to fame … Continue reading A Star is Born – Review