Mirai – Review

From the story to the animation, of latest film from Japanese director, writer Mamoru Hosoda there is no doubt about it – Mirai will win your heart over. There is nothing quite like waiting for your next dose of magic in the beautifully distinctive form of Anime, and once again this simplistic, yet poignant tale hit’s the spot satisfying your every need (minus the infamous … Continue reading Mirai – Review

If Beale Street Could Talk – Review

With Academy Award winner Moonlight (honestly, it thrills me so much to still say that,) Barry Jenkins showed the world that he was not just a talented filmmaker, but he was an innovative one too. Not just by his story structure or the stirring cinematography, but by the gifted way he can find a voice and a character… A voice and a character midst the … Continue reading If Beale Street Could Talk – Review

The Breaker Upperers – Review

New Zealand comedy has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. That has largely been down to Taika Waititi’s gloriousness, bringing us the taste of the islands. Through films such as What We Do in the Shadows and Boy, Waititi has successfully brought the world of New Zealand to our shores without including a single hobbit. But the countries comedic history is so … Continue reading The Breaker Upperers – Review