Birds of Prey – Review

The DCU era of superheroes have had some tepid results. Polarising fans of comic book movies, we’ve had some drab (Man of Steel,) dull (Batman vs Superman,) and sometimes dazzling (Wonder Woman.) But one thing you can’t deny is that DCEU takes risk, much more than its Marvel counterparts. Though Suicide Squad may not have necessarily had the best reviews, it’s villainous ragtag team was … Continue reading Birds of Prey – Review

Suicide Squad Objectifies Characters – And This Has To Stop!

Sex sells. We know this. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But when a character is objectified to the point where it is damaging to the plot and the audience watching it, I am afraid we as film lovers have a responsibility to call it out. Suicide Squad has been long anticipated and, as such, should be considered somewhat influential in shaping the DC … Continue reading Suicide Squad Objectifies Characters – And This Has To Stop!

Suicide Squad – Review (Spoiler Free)

Suicide Squad has been a long time coming, with rumours, teasers and a ridiculously star spangled cast. Then the first trickle of reviews began to come out in the past week leading up to its release, and things weren’t looking great. There was even a petition (granted largely by teenaged Comic Book fans who hadn’t yet seen the film) to close down Rotten Tomatoes in … Continue reading Suicide Squad – Review (Spoiler Free)

Suicide Squad – Brand New Character Videos!

Which character are you looking forward to most in DC’s upcoming bad-guy fest? Is it Jared Leto’s gangster Joker? Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn? Maybe Will Smith’s Deadshot? The answer? That’s right, Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller. And here she is in these brand new Suicide Squad clips! Suicide Squad revolves around a group of Gotham’s heinous villains who are roped into a scheme that could see them … Continue reading Suicide Squad – Brand New Character Videos!

Suicide Squad – “Harley Quinn” Trailer

We’ve already had a brand new trailer from Suicide Squad but seeing as there is less than a fortnight to go, the stakes are high and so is the number of clips that Warner are releasing. Never mind, because we are still utterly excited for this film! Suicide Squad revolves around a collection of oddball villains trying to save the day seems like a humours and … Continue reading Suicide Squad – “Harley Quinn” Trailer