Hearts Beat Loud – Review

Father daughter relationships are all the rage in popular culture. Whilst there are some that veer towards the negative aspects, there has always been a constant thread of friendship and alliances between good old Dad and his little girl. Even this past year has had oodles of them; Like Father, Eighth Grade, Leave No Trace, and more all focused on them. Heck, even Ant-Man and … Continue reading Hearts Beat Loud – Review

My Life as a Courgette – Review

In the grand tapestry of the film industry, audiences are treated with kids gloves, as though their IQs were scraping the bottom of the barrel and they had to be spoon-fed their entertainment like the idiots we are. While we can wail about the general public, the rise of independent films and their popularity showcases a more intricate intellect than first thought. This essence of … Continue reading My Life as a Courgette – Review

The Founder – Brand New Trailer!

One of the most recognisable logos in the world (or at the very least, in the western world) is the McDonald’s Golden Arches. These shining parabolas are practically synonymous with obesity, and are often one of the first under fire when people complain about our sedentary lifestyles, whether they are to blame or not. What is less known, however, is the chain’s origins, and how … Continue reading The Founder – Brand New Trailer!