Dog Eat Dog – Brand New Trailer!

Anything with Nicolas Cage in is worth, at the very least, a cursory glance. This becomes doubly so if you subscribe to the theory that the majority of his movies are actually Cage being followed by someone with a camera and editing everything that happens into a coherent narrative. Using this hypothesis, the latest trailer for Dog Eat Dog becomes an almost hyperkinetic feast of … Continue reading Dog Eat Dog – Brand New Trailer!

Snowden – Brand New Trailer!

In 2015, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put on a cheesy French accent to walk across the World Trade Center. This year, he’s lowering his voice to an unbelievable standard to expose the NSA. Part of me hopes this is a trilogy, and we’ll get yet another film of JGL playing real people with a ridiculous voice. Based on the controversial real life of CIA analyst Edward Snowden, … Continue reading Snowden – Brand New Trailer!

The Trust – Brand New Clip

by Lee-Anne Pawley The sibling n00bs, Alex and Benjamin Brewer, are causing quite a stir amongst critics. After premiering at SXSW, their debut film ‘The Trust’ has been described as the crime thriller of the year and received some awesome reviews. I like to think of the brothers lying in their bunk beds, high fiving because they have to brag about at the next family … Continue reading The Trust – Brand New Clip