Pecking Order – Review

If there is a story, there is a documentary. There is a beauty in that. People tend to think of the format as something sacred for debutantes, celebrities, and ginormous events springing up in human history. But time and time again, the filmmakers have proven that even the tales of our family and friends would make riveting materials for a film. I mean, the best … Continue reading Pecking Order – Review

Pecking Order – Brand New Trailer!

Yes, this is a documentary about a bird competition but don’t get in a flap, often the most stirring docs come from an unusual concept… The film revolves around the 148 year old Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club in the lead up to the NZ National Show, as they use their birds for glory. There are all different type of competitor: g Doug the … Continue reading Pecking Order – Brand New Trailer!