Red Sparrow – Review

Jennifer Lawrence is a formidable actress that has been largely associated with her Young Adult roles and questionable controversies of the screen, leading us to forget that she is actually a tour-de-force on the big screen. Though her work lately has polarised people with the space soap opera Passengers and the mind-melting Aronosfky production mother!, she will always meet each role with absolute gusto, charm, … Continue reading Red Sparrow – Review

Red Sparrow – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Well ladies and gentlemen, we finally have it, that thing we’ve all been waiting for! Yes indeed, I am talking about a Black Widow Movie! Except it stars Jennifer Lawrence instead of Scarlett Johansson, isn’t about Black Widow at all, and definitely isn’t set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other than that though, there are a lot of striking similarities; Both stories feature a young … Continue reading Red Sparrow – Brand New Trailers & Clips!