The Best Of…Ryan Gosling

There are many actors who deliver everything they’ve got as soon they step on screen, and by God, Ryan Gosling is one of them. The man is a chameleon; he slips into every role he plays and disappears into the character, whether it be dramatic or comedic, a small part or a large one, he’s just so incredibly watchable. To celebrate the man’s 40th birthday, … Continue reading The Best Of…Ryan Gosling

First Man – Review

The opening of First Man is shaky – very, very shaky. It is 1961. Test pilot Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) is in flight, as close to the stratosphere as he can get. His plane’s instruments are vibrating. It’s not just Neil’s job to guide the plane down – it is necessary for his survival. However, he isn’t gripped by a sense of panic; it is … Continue reading First Man – Review

La La Land – Review

There’s a lot of detraction against the film industry. Many folks are dismayed about the industry and its state of affairs. Between over-inflated ticket prices, remakes and countless sequels, big movies telling the same story, and underwhelming blockbusters, it’s easy to feel uneasy about cinema and wane away from it. Movie obsessives and critics will throw back their arms at this proclamation and scream: “No!” … Continue reading La La Land – Review

Bladerunner 2049 – Review

Bladerunner 2049 is visually arresting and overlong. *Full disclosure, I only saw Bladerunner last year, and fell in love as all others did before me. Set 30 years after the original, this sequel tells the story of an advanced replicant, Ryan Gosling’s Agent K, a Bladerunner, who retires the older replicants, these older models are prone to rebellion. With Tyrell Corporation collapsing soon after the … Continue reading Bladerunner 2049 – Review

Song to Song – Review

What unspools is two hours and nine minutes of unbridled boredom, in which the viewer is invited to reflect, ‘why am I here? Why do I watch movies? Is this a movie? Why can’t Malick make films with real people who are closer to the characters instead of stars? Is it because he needs finance? But what do the actors get out of it? Where’s the exit? Continue reading Song to Song – Review

La La Land – Review

La La Land is a heartbreakingly perfect musical number that is the ideal start to your 2017 cinematic journey. With possibly the best traffic jam sequence in film history; not to mention the insanely catchy song, from the first note this will have you tapping your toes and bopping your head whilst trying with all your might not to jump out of seat and twirl around … Continue reading La La Land – Review