Adrift – Brand New Trailer!

The Hunger Games and Divergent series meet and set sail in this ocean based drama. Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley star in Adrift, the story of a couple, Tami and Richard, who take to the seas only to find themselves in the midst of worst hurricane ever. When Richard is injured, it is up to the inexperienced Tami to sail them to safety. With two … Continue reading Adrift – Brand New Trailer!

The Best Of…Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin is one of our greatest young talents. His performances in a whole array of genres have helped his career soar and accumulate a great deal of fans along the way (including us, we LOVE him,) The actor, hailing from Suffolk, bounced into our lives in television series The Pillars of the Earth. But it’s his inclusion in franchises such as The Hunger Games … Continue reading The Best Of…Sam Claflin

Journey’s End – Review

War, bloody war. We will never escape the horrors of wars. After all, there are still rampant battles slaughtering populations and gutting civilisations. Wars are brutal and unforgiving, often at the expense of tours and tours of young people, pledging their lives to their country to defend it. It’s sad that we are still seeing warfare across the world, especially because we had two massive … Continue reading Journey’s End – Review