Lady Bird – Review

Adolescence will always be a rich story source for cinema. Coming of age tales will never die because that time in our lives is so wrought with angst. Pure and literally unadulterated angst.  It courses through us alongside the billions of hormones rushing through our bloodstream. It is a chaotic time: A whirlwind of horniness and heightened emotions as we try to play it cool … Continue reading Lady Bird – Review

On Chesil Beach – Review

Ten minutes into On Chesil Beach and I forgot I was watching a British film. Where were the colourful supporting cast, played by representatives of the British acting establishment? What happened to the earnest attempt to seem serious and meaningful, announcing ‘this is literature’? What I saw – and fell in love with – were two newly-weds, both bright, both promising, both eminently likeable negotiating … Continue reading On Chesil Beach – Review

On Chesil Beach – New trailer

Saoirse Ronan – Excuse me, three time Academy Award nominee at the age of 23 Saoirse Ronan* – is one of the most talented and exciting young actors working today, and she’s taking the lead again in On Chesil Beach. Based on Ian McEwan’s novel, a young couple in 1960s England finds their idyllic romance colliding with issues of sexual freedom and societal pressure, leading to an … Continue reading On Chesil Beach – New trailer