Looking Back…Deep Blue Sea (1999)

To celebrate the release of The Meg, Cookie takes a look at her favourite shark film.  Sharks, they are one of our favourite movie monsters. There is the original Jaws and then the masterpiece Sharktopus and let’s not forget the classic Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. All legendary films have taught us about great tension, brilliant action, and horror. Ok so only Jaws taught us … Continue reading Looking Back…Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Looking Back…Jaws (1975)

Arguably the most famous filmmaker in the world, Steven Speilberg is revered for the masterpieces he’s made over the years, but whilst some director take a little while to find their flow and make their first great film, Spielberg achieved on his third go ground, when he made the iconic Jaws, which last week celebrated it’s 41st anniversary. Now you all know the story of … Continue reading Looking Back…Jaws (1975)