Bliss – Review

After his feature debut, Another Earth and follow-up, I-Origins, writer-director Mike Cahill struggled for a high-concept title for his third feature, apologetically named Bliss. It tells the story of a newly divorced middle-ranking executive, Greg Wittle (an apologetic Owen Wilson) who fails to re-order his meds, loses his job, kills his boss and meets a stranger in a bar in rapid succession. Greg is summoned … Continue reading Bliss – Review

A Ciambra – Review

From its opening moments – well, after an opening prologue about a man who takes a fancy to a horse – Jonas Carpignano’s A Ciambra (The Ciambra) immerses you in the crowded hand-to-mouth, can’t-wait-to-grow-up existence of fourteen year old Pio (Pio Amato). In awe of his older brother, Pio lives with his siblings and cousins in a squat in the Gioia Tauro neighbourhood of Calabria, … Continue reading A Ciambra – Review