Skyborn (2012) – Short Film Review

Imagine a brand new dystopia where our insistence in fossil fuels has covered the entire land with thick fog. That is the premise of Jamie Stone’s 2012 near-fantasy film Skyborn. Set in a distant future, Skyborn revolves around the end of the world we know it. Humanity has been pushed out of cities and now fends for itself in the country. Due to the fog, … Continue reading Skyborn (2012) – Short Film Review

Ode Short Film – World Art Day Premiere

“A human being who is an artist because he was given all these divine connotations.” Wednesday the 15th April is World Art Day. It is an ode of those creatives who dazzle us with movies, paintings, dancing, and more. Though these are uncertain times for artists everywhere, they will always be creating. New worlds and new perspectives to shine on in darker times. They are … Continue reading Ode Short Film – World Art Day Premiere

The Sandman (1992) – Short Film Review

“Mr Sandman, bring me a dream”… More like bring me a Nightmare… The modern perception of The Sandman legend is a creature that uses sand to bring dreams to sleeping children. Like the character from Rise of the Guardians, he is the protector of children and giver of pleasant fantasies. Yet in director Paul Berry’s dark vision of The Sandman, he is a creature to be feared indeed.  The short opens looking … Continue reading The Sandman (1992) – Short Film Review

The Rogue Table – Short Film

The Rogue Table follows John, a lazy “young professional” who couldn’t care less about life really. He works to eat, he works to drink and he works to party. Disregarding the feelings of his furniture has never been a massive deal for him but it has for his table. And now the table has got feelings…of revenge! Starring Vedi Roy Directed by Sarah Cook Written … Continue reading The Rogue Table – Short Film

Random Acts: Fern – Short Film Review

Here at We Make Movies On Weekends, we love our weird shorts. I mean, this is coming from a company who produced a short about a murdering piece of furniture. So Channel 4’s Random acts is absolutely perfect for us when it comes for mining the weirdest and most wonderful from upcoming filmmakers. Especially when the perturb with a truly surreal story. And an obsessive … Continue reading Random Acts: Fern – Short Film Review