Land – Sundance 2021 Review

by Jordan King In our present captive state of lockdowns and curfews, the urge to get away and escape is never far from our minds. In the year since the COVID-19 outbreak began, many of us have sought comfort and solace in both the news of the natural world showing signs of self-restoration in our absence, and in the hope that soon we may find … Continue reading Land – Sundance 2021 Review

The World to Come – Review

by Jordan King An overwhelmingly sensual and sensory experience set against the backdrop of rural mid-19th Century New York, Mona Fastvold’s The World To Come is a gorgeously realised portrayal of relationships both burning with passion and burnt out long ago, of the yearning romance held in the written word, and of the smouldering, transportive power of the physical embrace. Shot on grainy, textural 16mm … Continue reading The World to Come – Review

Misha and the Wolves – Review

 by Jordan King British documentarian Sam Hobkinson’s Misha and the Wolves, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in the World Cinema Documentary Competition strand, is a constantly shapeshifting, twisting, turning documentary that deconstructs the truth and lies of one Misha Defonseca, forming in the process a compelling investigation into the very art of storytelling itself. The story of Misha Defonseca is a remarkable, utterly unbelievable … Continue reading Misha and the Wolves – Review