T2: Trainspotting – DVD and Blu-Ray review

Choose life. Choose this review. Choose….Too obvious? Okay, nevermind. Carrying on the latest film trend of “Let’s bring back all our favourite things”, T2: Trainspotting does it a little differently; it’s easy to look at things like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The Mummy etc. and understand why you’d bring it back, but it’s not quite the same for Trainspotting. Sure, the book did have a sequel, however … Continue reading T2: Trainspotting – DVD and Blu-Ray review

T2 Trainspotting – Review

Classic novels. Classic music. Classic Coke. Classic humous. The word classic is thrown around a lot these days. Made a good joke? Classic. Bob get wasted at a party and pass out? Well that’s classic Bob! But then we have a special phrase which is almost exclusively reserved for film. The ‘Cult Classic’. A film which epitomises a genre or stands alone amongst fans as … Continue reading T2 Trainspotting – Review