The Craft: Legacy – Review

The Craft was a really significant film for children and teenagers in the nineties. Especially girls. Blossoming young witches who tried to do spells at their sleepovers and hoped that one day they could really levitate their friends using their forefingers. Some of these girls went into adulthood still clinging to their pentagrams and crystals and belief in the supernatural world. A movie about power … Continue reading The Craft: Legacy – Review

The Craft (1996)

There was a trend throughout pre-teen and teenage girls in the late 90s; a trend that scared every parent to their wits! Where every sleep over was shrouded in mysterious chanting and candlelight. Spells, witches, and more were whispered in hushed tones and everyone had come down with something serious…..the craft. No? Just me? No one else tried pin-prick their friend’s finger then drink blood-laced … Continue reading The Craft (1996)