Unpopped Kernels: The Voices (2015)

Oh Ryan Reynolds – there is no denying that he is an excellent actor. In fact, through Van Wilder and Wade Wilson, Reynolds has charged the industry with these sarcastic and droll characters that we love. The problem isn’t Reynolds, it’s the films he had been in; RIPD, Wolverine Origins, and the aforementioned Wilder hasn’t exactly been fantastic cinema. Unfortunately, it has marred the talented actor … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: The Voices (2015)

The Best Of…Anna Kendrick

I can guarantee that Anna Kendrick is in at least one of your favourite things. Whether it be a Broadway Show, a blockbuster smash, or a quirky independent film, the young talented actress is bound to be a part of it. Kendrick is such a gifted performer that, at merely 31, she has conquered the stage and the big screen with Tony, BAFTA, Golden Globe, … Continue reading The Best Of…Anna Kendrick