Cherry – Review

It’s been almost five years since Joe and Anthony Russo ushered Tom Holland into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, kickstarting what would be his most iconic role in a the young actor’s career; despite being in films since 2012, Holland found true fame as the latest screen incarnation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man which he’s now carried into two solo films and two Avengers films. Holland is now … Continue reading Cherry – Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

Back in 2002, Evil Dead director Sam Raimi weaved a web of movies for Tobey Maguire’s fresh-faced nerd Peter Parker turned superhero Spider-Man. Spawning one of the best comic book sequels of all time with Spider-Man 2, and a disastrous third outing (with the best crotch based dancing) in Spider-Man 3, we all needed a regeneration for the creepy-crawly hero. Flash forward to 2012 where … Continue reading Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review