The New Mutants – Brand New Trailer!

A new trailer has been released for X-Men spin off The New Mutants. Set in a world with young mutants (mutated humans with incredible abilities), held inside a secret facility. Based on the comic series of the same name and directed by Josh Boone. The trailer begins with young patients being the subject of tests and questions. It becomes clear in the claustrophobic setting their … Continue reading The New Mutants – Brand New Trailer!

A Simple Favour – Brand New Trailer!

Have you ever seen a cinematic pairing that makes you so very very excited? How about Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick? Well, their teaming up for the brilliant A Simple Favour.  Bsed on a book by Darcey Bell, the film revolves around Stephanie who gets pulled into a mystery when her engimatic friend Emily goes missing. Boasting to be from the darker side of Paul … Continue reading A Simple Favour – Brand New Trailer!

Blockers – Brand New Trailer

A new trailer for parent comedy Blockers has been released. The American comedy is the latest in a string of gross-out, exaggerated plot films that aims to make the audience ball out laughing. The film focuses on three parents who become friends when their youngsters meet at school. Soon the three girls have grown and are preparing for prom. While snooping through one of the … Continue reading Blockers – Brand New Trailer

Pacific Rim: Uprising – Brand New Trailer!

We all love Guillermo Del Toro; he’s without a doubt one of the most interesting and enticing directors working today, and there were so many who fell in love with his 2013 hit monster movie Pacific Rim. Now, we’re finally returning to that world, but without Del Toro at the helm. What can a sequel without his involvement have to offer? No Del Toro, no Hunnam, … Continue reading Pacific Rim: Uprising – Brand New Trailer!

Mudbound – Brand New Trailer!

The Jim Crow Laws of America are a terrible stain on the country’s history. The lack of social parity between whites and blacks is something many would rather forget happened, and others want us to remember it to prevent anything like it happening again. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Mudbound is set within this time period and focusses on the lives of … Continue reading Mudbound – Brand New Trailer!

The Death of Stalin – Brand New Trailer!

When Stalin died, his body lay undiscovered for several hours because of the fear that anyone who disturbed him would be executed, had they found him sooner, things might have been very different for the world at large. The Death of Stalin takes a darkly humorous look at the dictator’s death and the backstabbing and infighting that occurred among his inner circle to appoint a … Continue reading The Death of Stalin – Brand New Trailer!